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What are The World Heritage Channel?

The World Heritage Channel“I want to learn about World Heritage Sites before I go on a trip to see them!”


This was just a casual thought I originally had when I first launched this website “Just one click away! The World Heritage Channel”. I was discussing ideas with a friend of mine from university days at the end of 2013, and we came up with an idea to create a website that is about World Heritage Sites. And I thought “I want to make a website that will be shared with people from all over the world! And I want a website that will be shared on social networks!”


But how…?

After much thought, we came up with the idea of a website that introduces World Heritage Sites in ‘video clips’.

A place where strangers can share their excitement and information with each other.

My thought was that if it’s a video clip, it can be shared regardless of the language barrier.


To this day, I feel the need for a website that can be shared through “likes” by appealing visually to the viewers. Although I had some interest in the World Heritage Sites initially, I never had a chance to actually go and visit them. I would love to travel around the world and see the great World Heritage Sites with my own eyes that humans and nature have left behind…! However, it is not that easy in reality.

In that case, I thought I wanted to at least learn about the various World Heritage Sites and the treasures of humanity that exist on this earth! I started collecting some clips that someone had recorded with the thought to vicariously experience being at those scenes through video clips and hope that I may be able to go myself one day… Then, it crossed my mind that these clips may become useful to other people who share the same desires as me if I categorise them and make it easy to find certain clips.


This may lead to new encounters or opportunities….


The concept of the website is to have a site where “you can relive the scenes by simply clicking onto the video clips of the World Heritage Site from wherever and whenever.”

It took a lot of thought to decide on the name of the website.

Simpler names like “World Heritage movie Collection” and “Collection of World Heritage clips” came to mind, but these names did not impart the website’s concept at all.

I wanted to make a special space where people could come and visit to escape from their repetitious everyday routine to experience the extraordinary slightly. With this wish in mind, I have come to name the website “Just one click away! The World Heritage Channel”

I first created this page for study of world heritage, but it can also be used as everyone else’s media if more people are willing to share it.

It would be my pleasure if many of you can find your own favourite World Heritage clips through this website. I would also be happy for other people to interact with each other across borders through this website. Please let me know if that ever happens.


I want to make this website a website that everyone knows about.

About the ‘Guide’
I first became eager to learn about world history and the World Heritage Sites after school and joined the workforce and started pondering about creating a World Heritage Site video clip website. My dream is to travel around the world freely without having to worry about time or money.

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